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A community is judged by what it looks.  Ask yourself, do I have a nice looking neighborhood, or do I have something that is a big detractor.  Take a look around your neighborhood and see if you see some of the following:

1. Parking of semi-trucks in residential areas.
2. Parking of semi-trucks in retail commercial areas.
3. Parking of other commercial vehicles in residential areas.
4. Continual sales of automobiles in residential and commercial areas.
5. Abandoned or inoperable vehicles.
6. Illegal signs such as "reader boards", banners, and other roadside signs.
7. Excessive outdoor storage.

If you see any of the above examples of zoning violations or anything that you think may not be just right, call the Mayor's Action Center  as a first step in helping improve the appearance of your neighborhood.  If a neighborhood has a good appearance, then people will want to live there. 



The Mayor's Action Center is who you contact about code violation problems in your neighborhood. 

 327-4MAC [327-4622]
MAC On-line

 They will give you a tracking number and you can follow what is happening with the complaint on line using either that number or the address.  

Click here to track complaints and violations.  {For an address search, select the top radio button, enter the address and select 'Violation Case' or 'Investigation Case' or 'Legal Case' from the 'Permit/Case Type' dropdown box -- scroll down and click on the 'search' button..  For a tracking number search, select the second radio button, and enter the tracking number in the 'Permit/Case ID' box - scroll down and click on the 'search' button.}