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opposing warehouses at Kentucky/Camby area

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Fun FAQs

Lets talk about abatements for a second.

With abatements, once a building is built and its value assessed, the amount of tax paid rises over the years.  So, first year they get a tax bill, 90% is forgiven and they only pay 10% of what is owed.  Second year they only pay 20% of what is owed.  And so on.

If the petitioners are successful with the zoning and then the abatement request, each building would get its own abatement and its own timetable for paying taxes.

Bottom line: A child born today would be a Junior in High School before this development paid full taxes owed.

From the first meeting, the warehouse developer talked about his proposal for 7 warehouses on the 173 acres (total square feet ~ 1.4 million).  When they filed written commitments, they sought the option of putting two warehouses on phase 3 (next to Camby Woods) instead of just one.  That makes 8 warehouses (total square feet ~ 1.6 million).

At the January Civic Council meeting, the developer who wants the rezoning for warehouses was asked how tall the buildings would be.  Up to 36 feet was his answer.

That was until they filed written commitments - which are legally binding.  Now they want the roof to be 42 feet tall.  On top of that would be any air conditioning/heating units, etc.  So we are pretty much at the 50 foot limit allowed in the ordinance.

The developer who hopes to get the rezoning that would allow warehouses from Kentucky Ave to Camby Rd spoke at the Civic Council meeting.  In response to a question, he said there would not be an Amazon "with 100 trucks a day".

No, it will be worse.  According to their own traffic study, it is expected that 132 trucks will come and go -- JUST between the hours of 7 and 9 AM.

The proposed warehouses would increase traffic on Kentucky Ave by 16-17%.



  • 173 Acres spanning between Kentucky Ave and Camby Road.

  • They first proposed 7 warehouses roughly 200,000 square feet each.  For comparison, the Ameriplex IN License Branch (BMV) is in a roughly 100,000 square foot building.

  • The development is proposed to be in 3 phases with three entrances on Kentucky Avenue.

  • The second proposal was the same as the first with the building shown on phase 3 awaiting further evaluation as to exact location.

  • The third proposal was the same as the second, with one building on Kentucky Ave being swapped for 19 acres of retail.  They proposed that for 5 years they would try to attract a retail user, and if unsuccessful, they could put the warehouse in.

  • They propose no entrances on Camby Rd.

  • They would create mounds along the perimeter.  The height of each mound would depend upon the width of the landscaping setback, which varies from 50-100 feet wide.

  • The petitioners would seek an abatement on their property taxes.












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