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The City of Indianapolis does provide many points of contact for residents and city staff.  On this page we will try to provide you contact information to these resources.

Primary among all other City contacts is Jordan Rodriguez, Mayor's Neighborhood Advocate for Decatur Township.  Jordan is your door to the wide variety of City services, information and departments.  He can either be your first call or the call you make when you don't know where else to call.  He will get you set up with the right people in City government best suited to address your problem or answer your question.

Contact Information:

Jordan Rodriguez     317-408-1991

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Information:
IMPD Website with interesting videos about their services
Non-emergency number:  327-3811
Southwest District number: 327-6400
SW District key personel:
     Commander:  Major Brian Mahone
     Community Resource Officer:  Sgt. Lori Himmel
     Crime Watch Specialist: Anna Hosteller

Permits and Compliance Research Page Information:
Click here to track complaints and violations. 
For an address search, select the top radio button, enter the address and select 'Violation Case' or 'Investigation Case' or 'Legal Case' from the 'Permit/Case Type' dropdown box -- scroll down and click on the 'search' button..  For a tracking number search, select the second radio button, and enter the tracking number in the 'Permit/Case ID' box - scroll down and click on the 'search' button.

And last but not least, the Mayor's Action Center.  File code enforcement complaints, call to get potholes filled, or call to report dead animals.  Call to report problems with abandon vehicles, drainage, graffiti, high weeds, sewer backups, illegal dumping, street signs, traffic signals, or trash collection.  You will receive a tracking number and can find out what happened with your complaint by plugging in that tracking number on the 'permit and compliance' page of the City's website.

Mayor's Action Center Contact Information:
327-4MAC   [327-4622]
MAC On-Line

Mayor's Liaison:
 Suzanne Rothenberg -- 327-5216


IMPD Community Contact
Sgt. Lori Demaree  -- 327-6436


To report a zoning violation, an animal control problem, or the like, call the Mayor's Action Center at 327-4MAC [327-4622]
MAC On-Line

Metro Police:
non-emergency number -
SW District - 327-6400

City Website:

Zoning Inspector :