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April 29, 2019

Guest Speaker : Sylvia Lane,
Excel Center Director


We will meet at 7:00 pm in the Community Room of the School for Excellence.  Click here for Directions





  The rezoning petition for 8900 W. Mooresville Rd will be considered by the Land Use Committee at 6 PM, May 1.  The petitioners will give a presentation of their rezoning request.  The meeting will also accomodate questions from the public.  It will be held in the Community Room of the Decatur Township School for Excellence.   Click here for Directions


8900 W. Mooresville Rd -- Actually on corner of Kentucky Ave and Camby Village Blvd -- Core 5 Industrial Partners, represented by Joe Calderon, seeks to rezone 121 acres to Commercial Special (CS) to allow primarily I-1 uses (warehouses primarily) and some commercial at the C-4 and lower category.
[STATUS] 2019-ZON-036  This petition is currently scheduled to be heard by the Hearing Examiner on May 9.  We expect it to be postponed into June.

site plan:


3416 S. Lynhurst Dr. - Exeter Group, represented by Joe Calderon, seeks a variance to allow loadind docks across the street from a residential area.  The petition MAY include a request to modify existing commitments so that the building can be 44 feet tall instead of 40 feet tall.
[STATUS] This petition has not yet been assigned a number or hearing date.  Notice has not yet been mailed.



3217 S. Lyons Avenue - Castro Enterprises LLC, represented by David Dearing, seeks a variance to legalize the current location of and to expand an existing automobile sales lot (not allowed on a residentially zoned parcel) with a 3 foot front setback (18 feet required) and 0 foot east side setback (3 feet required).
STATUS: 2019-UV1-007  This petition is scheduled for a hearing at the BZA on June 4.


4905 Kentucky Avenue -- Tiffany Niles and Jessica Smith request a variance to allow a trash dumpster along Thompson Rd (not allowed in a front yard) and an outdoor freezer (outdoor storage not allowed).
STATUS: 2019-UV1-008  This petition is scheduled for a hearing at the BZA on  June 4.


4375 Kentucky Avenue -- The owners of the gas station, represented by David Kingen, seek to rezone that parcel to add a second allowable use.
STATUS:  This petition has not yet been assigned a hearing date.  Notice has not yet been mailed.

Go to Zoning Page for description of  all petitions and where they stand in the zoning process.  You will also find information about upcoming petitions.

Future meeting dates: 

    *=not the last monday of the month
April 29 May 20* June24

These are all Mondays and meetings begin at 7 PM.  All meetings are in the Community Room (2nd floor) in the Decatur School of Excellence on High School Road.  For a map, click here.

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