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December 18, 2023 

Guest Speaker - no guest speakers in December

Community Room, Decatur Township School for Excellence


The Yard & Company corridor plan for the potential extension of Ameriplex Parkway from Kentucky Ave to the Perry side of the White River proposes a greenway, 25 U/ac high density apartments, 16 U/ac medium density multifamily, 5 U/ac single family, and industrial uses south of Kentucky Ave.

The Land Use Committee submitted comments on the proposed plan.  To read our comments, click here.





3210 Chief Lane ( 3210 Rand Rd) -- Reagan Outdoor Advertising, represented by Jon Campbell, seeks several variances in order to relocate a static billboard due to I-69 construction.  They seek variances to locate within I-465 (not allowed), 65 feet tall ( 40' max height allowed), with a setback from Rand Road of 5 feet ( 20' required), with 50 from another billboard (1000' required), within 400 feet of a freeway ramp (500' required), within 148 feet of a protected district (300' required), and within an airspace district.
STATUS: [2023-SE2-002] This petition is scheduled to be heard by the BZA on December 12.  We will continue this hearing to January 9.


6921 Camby Rd, 6801, 6912 Mills Rd -- Arbor Homes seeks to rezone 106 acres from D-A to D-4 in order to build a residential subdivision.
STATUS: [2023-ZON-057]  This petition is scheduled to be heard by the Hearing Examiner on December 14.  This petition will be withdrawn


Go to Zoning Page for description of  all petitions and where they stand in the zoning process.  You will also find information about upcoming petitions.

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